Philips AquaTrio Pro Vacuums, mops and dries in one go-Blue


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Visible wet cleaning for hard floors, 3-in-1: vacuums, mops & dries, Triple-Acceleration Technology, Visible wet cleaning, All hard floors


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Advanced cleaning performance for perfect results

– Vacuums: powerful Aqua Cyclone pulls and removes all spills, dirt and dust – Mops: counter-rotating microfiber brushes apply a mist of clean water to efficiently lift dirt and grime. All dirt is dissolved in water and captured in a separate tank. – Dries: brush rotation speed creates airflow that leaves the floor virtually dry

Removes up to 99% of bacteria*** and reduces allergens

AquaTrio Pro removes up to 99% of all bacteria*** and reduces allergens. Because of the separation of a clean and dirty water tank all dust and allergens will be trapped in the dirty water tank.

Effective with cold/warm tap water, with/without detergent

AquaTrio Pro gives excellent results using just cold or warm tap water. If required, you can also add detergent of your choice but use always a low-foaming or non-foaming floor cleaning detergent which is suitable for your hard floor.

2 micro-fiber brushes remove all dirt, dust and grime

Powerful micro-fiber brushes rotate at 6700 rpm to effectively remove all spills, dust and dirt while adapting to the different shapes of the floor and even cleaning in crevices.

Separate clean and dirty water tanks

Separate clean and dirty water tanks ensure that you always mop with clean water, all dirt and allergens are contained in the dirty water tank.

Floor dries 50% faster than regular mopping

Floor dries up to 50% faster compared to regular mopping.

Ideal for all hard floors**

Perfect for all hard floors (suitable for wet mopping): wood, parquet, laminate, vinyl/linoleum, ceramics/tiles, marble/natural stone.

Cleans more than 60m2 with one water tank

One full tank containing 700ml cleans more than 60m2 of hard floor; cleaning large areas using only a minimal amount of water.

Save up to 50% energy. Save up to 70% water*

Highly-efficient power usage saves you up to 50% in energy consumption compared to vacuuming. You also use up to 70% less water compared to wet mopping.

Fast rotating brushes clean themselves while in use

Brushes clean themselves during use.The centrifugal forces spin dirt and water picked up from the floor out of the brushes and into the dirty water tank. For optimal cleaning performance replace the AquaTrio Pro brushes every 6 months (FC8054).

Self-cleaning appliance with flushing tray

AquaTrio Pro cleans itself. Simply place the appliance on the specially-designed flushing tray, pour a cup of tap water into it, and switch it on for a few seconds.

Allergy friendly quality tested by ECARF

AquaTrio with water filtration is certified as Allergy friendly by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. Its Aqua Cyclone encapsulates dirt and dust, allergens are captured in water and cannot become airborne again. AquaTrio is removing 99,95% of allergens from cat & dog hairs, dust mites or pollen for an allergy friendly home environment.

LED indicators to inform when action is required

A LED indicator shows you when action is needed. It turns green when AquaTrio Pro is on and ready to clean. It turns blue when the watertanks need either to be filled up or emptied. And finally, it turns red when there is something interfering the brushes, so yu can remove the obstacle and keep cleaning easily.

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