Using lemongrass oil can be beneficial in various ways. It is antimicrobial and antiseptic which lessen the risk of inflammation 1 or irritation on scalp. As a source of iron 2, lemongrass helps in strengthening the follicles and treating oily hair. It promotes excessive natural growth of hair from scalp which is healthier and shiner than the pre-usage period. Furthermore, using a natural remedy soothes the soul which leads to positive hormone production in the body. As a result, the entire body glows and the hair outshine all the other aspects of the individual’s personality. Keeping the scalp and follicles well-nourished and well-fed is the key to having healthy beautiful hair and if it is not done properly then it is all in vain.

Lemongrass oil benefits for hair are much more than just being a nourishment oil such as, it is well-known that lemongrass oil reduces hair loss which is caused by inflammation as it is anti-inflammatory. There are two ways to make lemongrass oil at home. One is cold infusion method and other is hot infusion method. Mostly, the hot infusion method is preferred as it is less time consuming and there is less work in it. The main thing to be considered while using lemongrass oil prepared via above mentioned methods is that it can only be used for up-to 12 months. It starts to break up after the mentioned tie frame. It is suggested to consult a doctor before applying this lemongrass oil on children, pregnant, the elderly and the nursing women. As it may come out be sensitive to skin in such cases. Also, the lemongrass oil prepared via cold and hot infusion method is not edible therefore, its edible usage should be avoided. It is said that lemongrass oil has high concentration therefore, it should be diluted with any other essential oil. Mostly, coconut oil is used for this sole purpose.

As it is also good for hair therefore, the real purpose of lemongrass oil remains intact. Lemongrass oil and coconut oil have proven to be very good for hair when massaged into the scalp. Generally, only two drop of lemongrass oil is enough in a tablespoon of coconut oil for best results. Massage of lemongrass oil for hair doesn’t only helps with scalp nourishment, hair strengthening and repair damage but also reduces stress level, relieves headache, actives the digestive system, detoxifies the body, boosts nervous system health and helps in the regulation of body cholesterol. Thus, it can be easily seen that the lemongrass oil benefits for hair aren’t only the trademark of its hype. It does add some quite interesting facts to its resume which can’t be neglected.