Aseel Desi Chicken vs Broiler Chicken

Aseel Desi Chicken Vs Broiler Chicken

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! Who doesn’t like this announcement, whether it be a game or a dinner table? With every passing day, I observe how much we all our becoming fans of chicken. We want chicken in dinners, parties, weddings and even in road trips.

So, let’s dig a bit deeper for this loyal friend, chicken! I am not a chicken fan ever since our media has been publishing ugly truths about our poultry industry. Seeing posts and reading articles about the synthetic feed, unhygienic deskinning process and failed transport, gave me a reason to look into it a bit more seriously and I am proud to share my discovery of Aseel Desi Chicken.

Let me make clear, not every desi chicken is Aseel Desi Chicken. Sellers usually label Misri Chicken as Aseel Desi Chicken. So be sure while you invest. Aseel Desi Chicken is fed on hundred percent organic feed. Hens are kept in farms situated in villages where they get the organic (vegetarian) feed. The reason of Aseel Desi Chicken being expensive is the time the chick takes to grow; and second, the vegetarian feed is expensive itself. The Aseel Desi Chick takes almost 4 to 7 months to fully grow into a chicken. Whereas, broiler takes 2 to 3 months, producing more chicken in less time.

Increased quantity of broiler chicken does not guarantee good nutrition. Broiler chicken is becoming a common reason of several diseases round the globe. Aseel Desi Chicken is a hub of all the essential nutrients like, protein, saturated fats and minerals. A wise decision will not compromise quality over quantity.

Nutritional values of any organic product stay intact when their process is fully hygienic. Aseel Desi Chicken is deskinned and cleaned under the observation of hygiene professionals, washed with cleaned water, given the required cuts, safely packed and expiries are marked on packings and are delivered to your doorsteps. Note, their expiries are short, especially in summers, as the fresh white meat does not survive the heat for long. Offering the same quantity as marked on the packing wins everyone’s heart. That means guaranteed thousand grams of deskinned clean meat for one kilogram. And this is how, it can be made sure that the chicken we eat is all pure, clean and carry all its nutritional value because celebrations deserve the best!