Riding bike through carefully manicured quads, past blooming flowers and statues of Harvard is a dream which has been knitted by every Pakistani student at some point in their life. Some students make this dream on their own and others are fed this due to peer pressure. Holding a foreign degree really boosts earning potential, along with the chances of getting a great job according to Pakistani mind-set. Pride of the family, honour of being selected by a prestigious institute and the superiority given by the ménage all of these assemble the importance of oversea education in Pakistani society.

When it comes to place to live, man always prefer life safety over anything else, then comes the economics, required to sustain life. Developed countries do offer these and many other perks therefore, over the past few years many Pakistanis have went abroad for higher education. It is clear as a crystal that there is no comparison between foreign education system and Pakistani education system. Pakistan’s education system is awfully low, there are not enough schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan which can guarantee a pupil a secure and promising future. Sadly, a foreign degree in Pakistan holds more value than that of a local degree, but that is not the only reason to pursue that chance.

Another reason for considering studying abroad is for the chance to experience different styles of education. By enrolling in a study abroad program, students have the chance to see a side of their major that they may not have been exposed to at home. Completely immersing in the education system of another country is a great way to really experience and understand the people, its traditions, and its culture. By studying abroad, students experience a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities.

The benefits of also include the opportunity to see new terrains, natural wonders, museums and landmarks of host nation. One can benefit himself by honing a new language. Studying abroad grants the opportunity to completely immerse in a new language, and there is no better way to learn than to dive right in. In addition to the considerable language practice one will get just in day to day life, the host university will likely offer language courses to provide the students with a more formal education. One can easily immerse in a new culture and go beyond a purely academic experience.

The fact that most of the Pakistanis have such a rigid mind-set and are not flexible towards change and stick to degrees that are common in Pakistan are some the reasons why Pakistan is not progressing in today’s world. There is nothing wrong in learning something from a nation doing better. For instance, take a look at the US, the only reason it’s a global superpower is because it provides excellent quality education, it offers its students to be a part of ground-breaking research and many other discoveries.

The United States is the leader in many areas of technology and research, also benefitting from generous funding and offering support to international PhD students. At universities like MIT, students can join or initiate research projects for academic credit pay, and their work is often published, leads to patent applications, or contributes to ambitious start-up companies. Other universities, like UCLA, have over 350 research labs, while at Yale University, students can get involved in fields like neuroscience, black hole studies, and climate change research. Even undergraduates have the opportunity to attend Bachelors that involve research.

When they finish their study abroad program and return home, they will return with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to say, all of these are very attractive to future employers. Many students find that they love their host country so much that they decide to seek work there. It is noticeable that a local education is always valuable when searching for a potential job in that country.

Studying abroad does not only highlights the learning curve but also improves a self-sufficient attitude and also helps the student to develop an independent lifestyle. For example, when a student gets educated in their hometown they do not get a chance to understand how to live a life independently and also dependence will make them feel very comfortable only in their circle. In this way, studying in abroad will help them know to adopt and live independently. This helps the student become independent and self-confident, in other words, its just like framing their personality.