Education gives us an information on our general surroundings and changes it into something better. Rooting from it is inclusive education and its importance. Effective inclusive education happens fundamentally through accepting, understanding, and taking care of student diversity and differences, which can incorporate physical, subjective, academic, social, and emotional. Students should be inclusive of their classmates in order to interact, be comfortable, and build up confidence, gain knowledge and experiences from others which could help them further in future to develop the energy to adapt surroundings and different behavior’s.

To keep students inclusive of their classmates a teacher should develop a strategy or strategies to kill the lines between each students so they don’t feel reluctant and discuss important contents .A powerful strategy according to our research and thinking is ‘Classroom Environment’ itself. By classroom environment we mean its setting, interior, facilities, Moto’s and a set of positive rules/regulations. For us this is one of the best strategies to gain student confidence and let them explore their inner capabilities.

Starting from day one, a welcome message should be given, no matter their ethnicity, social-economic backgrounds, or educational preparedness. In addition to having a “welcome message” in our syllabus, we can set the tone by making a habit of arriving to class at least 10 minutes before it is scheduled to begin to greet students (by name, if possible) as they enter the classroom. This technique also affords opportunities to chat briefly with small groups of students about school or other topics.

By setting we mean the way classroom is organized; firstly comfortable chairs should be placed face to face of students at the three corners of the class leaving one major corner for white board and projector. All three walls should be covered with informative stuff related to their subjects and courses, these basis will keep them on path regardless of their attention as well as quotes to motivate students (should be changed daily or weekly) and to encourage them to perform better every day.

The middle area of the classroom should be left empty in order to perform any activities assigned and to leave space for teacher to his/herself interact with class openly, making eye contact with each student. These activities includes also the Getting -to-know-each other games for example truth and false in which students shares their truth and try some dares to boost confidence level. Or trust fall could be done on daily basis to build up trust and also to keep students active physically; other activities are also there such as voice levels, hangman, dumb charades -these all can help children enjoy in classroom and they can learn a lot too at the same time.

Other than this facilities like digital boards, projectors for movie screening, slideshows, documentaries should be arranged; air conditioning and heating for comfort zones. Electronic devices like tablets should be provided to students so that they can speed up their pace according to the present electronic era and feel more comfortable in searching contents they need.