Damas Jewelry in Pakistan

Damas Jewelry Brand in Pakistan

A collection of elegant and eye-catching jewelry which took up its journey offering goldsmith services in the middle east back in 1907.

They constructed their first store in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from where it took its height and have now established more than 100 stores in various parts of the world.

Damas stands as one of the most reputable and demanded brand in middle east as well as Pakistan! So, what makes Damas stand out from all the other jeweler brands?

This label has created various brands under its title such as OneSixEight, Vera, and Forever mark thus having a diverse collection of jewelry to showcase, unlike other labels.

OneSixEight is where you can find jeweler accessories crafted out of chic diamonds, alongside Vera showcases a diverse nature of rings and earrings made of lavish semi-stones and ForeverMark has prepared a collection of classic diamonds and gold jewelry for the special moments in your life!

Damas seems like a perfect selection for your jewelry purchase, doesn’t it?

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