Amazon available in Pakistan

Now Amazon available in Pakistan

The development opens up new opportunities for Pakistan’s little and medium-sized Businesses

Islamabad: Amazon has added Pakistan to its approved list of nations that can straightforwardly sell on the world’s greatest and biggest e-commerce platform– a snapshot of festivity for Pakistani independent ventures.

“We have done it finally,” expressed the President’s guide on business and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood on Twitter. “A significant achievement of e-commerce policy has been accomplished through collaboration”, he said, adding that the ministry has been locked in with Amazon since a year ago to open up the stage for Pakistanis.

 “It is an extraordinary chance for our youngest, SMEs and ladies’ entrepreneurs,” he said.

Amazon will add Pakistan to its sellers’ list within a couple of days after which entrepreneurs can make their records on the online platform and take their business from Pakistan to the worldwide markets.

The world is opening up for Pakistani businesses

“Amazon opening up its platform for Pakistani organizations resembles the world is opening up for Pakistani organizations. It is probably the greatest chance for little and medium-sized organizations,” Member of National E-Commerce Council (NECC) and Badar Khushnood, e-commerce specialist has been told to us.

Khushnood who as the co-founder of the e-commerce platform. This move would also change and differentiate Pakistan’s current export focus B2B (business-to-business) to B2C (business-to-consumer) which offers “a huge benefit for local entrepreneurs, artisans, and small businesses to support the people in reaching the Amazon’s 300 million customers universally in 200 nations” is engaging many well-known B2C retail brands. “Direct selling through Amazon can open extra income for Pakistani makers who were in any case already making pants and top of the line apparel for huge brands like Levi’s and Zara.”

The endeavors to persuade Amazon to open for Pakistani sellers started in mid-2020 after the country’s first e-commerce policy framework was endorsed in October 2019. Endeavors of authorities and specialists at the Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan embassy and consulates in the United States and individuals from NECC and Pakistan Software House Association (P@SHA) have been models in accomplishing the e-commerce achievement for Pakistan, specialists said.

Help businesses capitalize on digital opportunities

“This is a blessing from heaven moment for Pakistani businesses,” said Mehran Ali, a yearning business visionary. He trusts the dispatch would facilitate digitization among little and medium organizations and assist them with promoting pandemic-induced e-commerce opportunities.

Pakistani e-commerce businesses and experts have depicted the advancement as a ” game-changer for Pakistani little and medium enterprises (SME) – a unique area of the economy that adds to an expected 40 percent to the nation’s GDP and 25 percent to export as indicated by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA).

SMEs in Pakistan contain somewhere in the range of 90% of businesses and its absolute number is assessed to be 5.2 million. Specialists have been calling for improved help and motivating forces for the sector that plays an outsized part in the economy.